The gaming industry is growing at astonishing rates all around the world, becoming a culture to millions. With innovations being made every day, the gaming experience is becoming more vivid, almost natural with improvements being made in the graphics as well as the equipment that have become almost second nature to players who deal with them as part of their daily routine.

The fact that these gadgets play an integral role in the quality of gaming delivered so, it is vital for them to be equipped with features that not only suit the player’s needs but also allow them to excel at what they are doing in their free time, giving them a chance to be professionals.

That’s what we are here for. To help keep you updated about what’s new and what’s trending, with a line of hot, new products that keep emerging in the industry as well as, help you decide what suits you best as an everyday player by giving you detailed and honest descriptions about the products at hand.

About Our Authors

Our authors have a passion for gaming themselves, along with experience and advanced knowledge in the field that allows us to maintain our content as professional and relevant as possible.

Talha Abid

Being one of the co-founders and mastermind behind this site, Talha is what keeps this site running smoothly. He has a potential of a highly skilled and talented digital marketer, where he keeps himself well-informed for the work he does through a stream of an efficiently working and authentic network, and builds on the information in the most remarkable ways (as is evident by the articles you will be reviewing on this site).

Apart from being an extremely professional and honest young man, he also has a knack for creativity, some of which has been exhibited through designing this cutting-edge website, where everything is easy to find and all of your gaming concerns are only a click away.

Due to his love for gaming and skilled marketing, he will surely know the best gadgets for today’s players to take their gaming to the next level. His other interests include traveling to new and exotic places to sate his hunger for adventure, contributing to his extraordinary creativity.

Abdullah Tariq

He knows what he is doing and knows it well too.

Having a broad knowledge of gaming equipment and its various functions puts him in the best position for giving advice to his fellow gamers who are looking for products but are wary of the hassle the process brings, not to mention the regret that comes with losing a good amount of money for a product they thought would work nicely.

He is a talented web developer by day and a true gamer by night, a love that brought him towards different gadgets, allowing him to understand the gaming world and its essentials better than most.

This is what makes his word more reliable, as well as relatable to the audience who share this hobby and have experienced similar issues with their gaming equipment and so are able to find a response that they are able to relate to and gather substantial advice that will help them in the long run.

Besides gaming, his favorite mode of travel is on foot, venturing the most challenging places in his homeland from snow-capped, tricky peaks, to grassy terrains in the mountain forests, he has done it all. His exotic yet competent personality can be sneak peeked in the routine updates you can gather in the website content.

Hamza Khan

Being a quiet, yet productive guy who likes to mind his own business, Hamza has excellent choices and recommendations when it comes to gadgets. With certified knowledge of different gadgetry revolving around gaming and computing, he likes giving a clear perspective to his readers on the different products available in the market. In addition to that, he has spent substantial time dealing with multitudinous gadgets and computer peripherals belonging to different companies within the industry.

Having professionally worked in the field, allows him to give genuine advice, as he knows what makes one product better than the other, as well as what gadget is more suitable to a player of a certain genre than to one it differs. His kind and helpful nature make his suggestions all the more reliable because no good person would enjoy giving a fellow player a run for their money.

He is a cool and collected individual, who knows where he wants to go in life and values time with his loved ones, giving him room for self-growth and character development, as he learns the various responsibilities in life which translates into his work ethic.

Our Goal

With so many fake and biased reviews revolving around the internet, the Road Mice website authors have taken it upon themselves to keep the content delivered as authentic, reliable, and unbiased as possible, so that you could enjoy a better gaming experience while becoming wiser with the products that you purchase as part of your gaming essentials.

Apart from that, we provide greater value for money, by providing you with in-depth descriptions of the products as well as the pros and cons of each product mentioned so that you know what you are looking for, before blindly putting a finger on one and regretting afterward. With the diversity of computer peripherals at the display, making a choice might be easier than you think; whether you are looking for a gadget that makes suits your work environments, or a light gaming mouse that will take your gaming experience to the next level, Road Mice has it all.

This is made further easier with the in-app purchases available on the website, where the essence of the best gaming and working products have been sorted out, to save you your time and energy, that you most probably will waste scrolling through countless websites, looking for the right product to make it to your desktop.

Why go through the trouble when Road Mice has it all sorted out for you?