Best Mouse For Finger Pain 2022 That Offer Total Comfort

Wrist or finger discomfort after using a computer mouse for a long period of time is something quite frequent since you are compelled to maintain your hand in the same posture for long hours that may result in complications such as RPI (repetitive strain injury) or carpal tunnel syndrome, among other things.

An ergonomic mouse maybe your life savior if you want to avoid such long-term injury or even little pain to your hand or wrist which is specifically designed for the natural posture of your hand, wrists, and arms. There is no conclusive evidence that they can prevent RSIs, although they are more pleasant for those who already have discomfort while using a regular mouse.

Continue reading to learn about the qualities of some of the best ergonomic mice on the market and how they may benefit any user’s good health.

List of Best Mouse for Finger Pain 2022:

This article gives you a list of mice that we believe are excellent for finger and wrist pain.


Logitech MX Master 3

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1. Logitech MX Master 3


  • 4000 DPI
  • 3 Buttons
  • Comfortable Design
  • up to 70 days on a full charge
  • Ergonomic Build

After making a few tweaks to its previous version, MX Master 2s, Logitech has stepped up its game in the market with the debut of the Logitech MX Master 3, an addition to its master series.

The Logitech MX Master 3 mouse is a well-performing wireless mouse with seven buttons and an excellent build quality, with a large thumb rest, that can be connected to your computer through Bluetooth or a USB dongle.

The Easy-Switch™ button on this mouse can connect to up to three devices, allowing you to switch between Windows and macOS by just moving your cursor to the edge of the screen, as well as copy and paste text, pictures, and files from one system to another. Moreover, another important aspect that contributes to the value of this mouse is its form, which allows for a very natural grip and navigation.

The buttons and scroll wheels also highlight the MX Master 3’s most significant advancements. The two buttons on the side are bigger and have a space between them, making them simpler to discern with your thumb. The mouse is made out of a magnetic scroll wheel that increases friction at specific areas while automatically increasing or decreasing resistance dependent on how quickly and hard you move the wheel.

Its important to keep in mind that the ergonomic build of this mouse is excellent and you can play or work with your hand on this mouse without a hint of wrist pain or fatigue.

Additionally, you can track quicker on nearly any surface with its Darkfield™ Tracking feature, up to a minimum glass thickness of 64 mm, and the finest sensor resolution of 4000 DPI (Dots per inch) precision. The most significant feature of this mouse is its long-lasting charging, which may survive up to 70 days on a full charge and three hours on a quick charge of one minute, making it perfect for people who work long shifts. That is so cool!

What we like
  • Is compatible with Windows,
  • Enables a scrolling experience that is smooth
  • Can be used for extended durations
  • Has both wired and wireless options
  • Comes with a 1-year
  • Buttons can be customized for each
What we don’t like
  • Not very silent
  • Takes greater effort and skill to use

Should this mouse be on the list of the best mice for finger pain?

Yes, the fact that it is made for coders and designed for long-hour employees, casual gamers, and creatives, as well as having the advantage of excellent hand placement and long-lasting battery quality, contributes to its inclusion on the list of Best Mouse for Finger Pain.


MX Master 3 Advanced

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2. Anker Wireless Mouse


  • 800, 1200, 1600 DPI
  • 5 Buttons for Laptop
  • Scientific ergonomic design
  • 2.4G USB receiver
  • 18-month hassle-free warranty

If you’re having wrist pain from using your mouse for long periods of time, an ergonomic mouse like the Anker Wireless Mouse could be a good option.

Even though this mouse seems relatively big in comparison with normal, it only weighs 95 g, helping to alleviate any stress in your hand or wrist caused by certain larger mouses. This Anker mouse has a vertical grip, as opposed to other ergonomic mice, and unexpectedly its shape suit well for most individuals.

This mouse blends handshake handling with easy-to-access buttons and 3 mouse sensitivity settings for enhanced tracking (800, 1200, 1600 dpi). These three mouse sensitivity levels provide smooth, precise and accurate tracking on a variety of surfaces.

Moreover, The DPI button may also be readily accessed using your thumb while it can be perfectly adjusted when editing photos or seeking more detailed information.

The Anker Vertical Wireless Mouse promotes healthy, neutral handshake wrist posture and arm positions to make your activity easier and less stressful. It tends to follow your arm’s natural movement, and instead of moving your wrist from left to right, you move your entire arm.

In addition, the buttons on the side of the mouse, which are used for advancing and backward functionality, make internet browsing much more comfortable.

Further, this mouse also transmits data at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, producing disconnectivity after a distance of about 1.5 meters, which is an uncommon gap between the mouse and the user, resulting in a high connection.

What we like
  • Has adjustable DPI
  • There is no need to install any software
  • Provides plenty of room for your thumb
  • Is built for optimal comfort on your palm
  • Is incredibly simple to use and causes very minimal unintentional clicking
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty
What we don’t like
  • Is specifically designed for right-handed people
  • Not designed for professional gaming

Should this mouse be on the list of the best mice for finger pain?

Smoother movements, more accuracy, and customizable adjustments are the main characteristics of this mouse that make it the best mouse for finger pain.


Razer Basilisk Ultimate

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3. Razer Basilisk Ultimate


  • 20,000 DPI
  • Ultimate Lightweight
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • traditional mechanical switches
  • Up to 100 hour battery life

Are you looking for a mouse that is ideal for gaming while also experiencing minimal finger pain?

If so, you must check out Razer Basilisk Ultimate, one of the best mice to suit your requirements.

This mouse has nine programmable buttons and a total of 11 buttons, including two right and left click standard buttons, a wheel that aids in scrolling, and two resolution adjustment buttons. A button beneath the mouse allows you to instantly choose between the five onboard profiles of the mouse without having to launch its configuration software.

Furthermore, the dial on the bottom allows you to change the sensitivity of the scroll wheel without having to access the settings menu. The paddle button of the mouse is covered by a rubber flap, into which you insert the paddle, which has a magnetic mount.

Logitech MX Master 3 for table surface

If you wish to use the mouse with the flexibly light cable measuring 1.8 meters in length, simply plug the tiny USB into the dock and disconnect the cable from it and into the mouse with micro USB. This mouse has to be recharged every four to five days, although the manufacturer claims that it can run for 100 hours on a full charge.

When it’s time to charge, simply place it on the dock and remove it when you’re ready to use the mouse again, making charging a breeze. The Basilisk Ultimate also has Razer’s Focus+ sensor, which raises the maximum tracking resolution to 20,000 dots per inch (dpi).

More importantly, it has a sturdy grip and is easy on your hand and wrist.

What we like
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Has a secure grip
  • Has an effective charging dock
  • Ergonomic shape
What we don’t like
  • Makes a little noise behind the scroll wheel
  • Fingerprints are left on the mouse

Should this mouse be on the list of the best mice for finger pain?

Razer Basilisk Ultimate lightweight mouse, with an attractive right-slanted design and a reasonable battery life, qualifies for this list of acceptable mice for finger discomfort.


Logitech MX Vertical

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4. Logitech M Vertical Wireless Mouse


  • 4000 DPI
  • Natural Handshake Position 
  • Advanced Ergonomic Design
  • 4 months on a full charge
  • Rechargeable Batteries

The Logitech MX Vertical mouse is a mouse that stresses ergonomics above a whole lot of other functions.

The mouse comes with a distinct appearance, with several curves running around its body to gently fit your hand while Logitech has been able to preserve the same design language in this version as its other standard mouse, the MX Master 2s.

Because this mouse has the sensation of a joystick, no wrist pressure is necessary when using it, as opposed to a normal horizontal mouse, which results in less strain over time. Additionally, the thumb-rest has a textured rubberized surface that ensures a firm grip and a pleasant touch

Whereas the cursor speed button toggles between two distinct pointer speeds and holding it down allows you to modify the DPI sensitivity.

This mouse from Logitech can be connected to the device in three ways;

  1. Through Bluetooth, that allows you to connect up to three devices at
  2. By utilizing the all-in-one USB receiver
  3. Using the USB Type-C cable

This mouse’s most astonishing feature is that it can run for up to four months on a single charge. Furthermore, the MX Vertical has a 4000 DPI sensor, but it does not have Logitech’s Darkfield™ technology for usage on highly reflective surfaces such as glass, but it does allow you to swap the pointer across multiple devices having the same wifi network.

What we like
  • Minimalistic design
  • Reduces the stress on to your wrist
  • Does support Logitech Flow technology
  • 4000 DPI
What we don’t like
  • Not for people with small hands
  • Scroll wheel lacks Logitech’s trademark hyper

Should this mouse be on the list of the best mice for finger pain?

This mouse’s characteristics include a nice design, lightweight, very comfortable handling, dual connection, and a smart DPI selection, making it the best mouse for finger pain while allowing for little wrist or finger strain. It is also a great mouse for tennis elbow.


Logitech Trackman Marble:

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5. Logitech Trackman Marble


  • For right and Left hand Users
  • 4 Programmable Buttons
  • Ergonomic Mouse
  • Back/Forward buttons
  • Ambidexterous Shape

Many people believe that a trackball gives additional comfort and reduces stress on their hands and wrists. The Logitech Trackman Marble is an alternative for a mouse and is much better than a trackpad or a vertical mouse.

It’s simply a trackball with four buttons that comes off, and the mouse uses an optical sensor to read the trackball as it spins, which is how you interact with your pointer instead of moving your entire wrist.

The dark red ball is coated in tiny black dots, making it ‘visible’ to the optical system that tracks the ball’s movement. When you need to relocate the trackball, the trackball case will dependably store the ball.

Logitech Trackman Marble

Simply pulling softly will allow you to drag out the ball and remove the dirt underneath it.

Despite being one of the most affordable trackball devices, it looks to be fairly robust. Moreover, The design of this arthritic mouse is quite simple, yet it provides maximum ease.

What we like
  • Saves a lot of desk space
  • Is very comfortable to use
  • Is the cheapest trackball you can buy
What we don’t like
  • Lacks precision
  • Lack of scroll wheel makes scrolling webpages tricky

Should this mouse be on the list of the best mice for finger pain?

The Logitech Trackman Marble is an excellent mouse for finger pain because of its convenient design for both hands and quick fingertip-powered control at an inexpensive price.


Evoluent Vertical Mouse

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6. Evoluent Vertical Mouse


  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Compatibilty with Window 7 and 10 Mac OS 10.5 to 10.14 
  • Pointer Speed Indicators
  • Improved Thumb Rest
  • Comfortable and Easy to Use

This vertical mouse by Evoluent is available in three sizes based on hand size: small, regular, and large. It features a mouse sensitivity slider that lets you easily alter the sensitivity of the mouse cursor, making it the best DPI switch implementation, and the LED bar on the mouse displays the sensitivity level on a scale.

While you navigate the mouse, a stand-out positioning lip for your pinky finger is provided in addition to the huge three buttons on the right side.

Unlike other mice, the mouse has a center button in addition to the left and right-click buttons that, when pressed, immediately opens links in the background or a new tab, saving a significant amount of time that may have been spent accessing numerous links on the same page.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

The particularly vicious design of the Evoluent vertical mouse places your hand and wrist in a hand-shake posture while the forearm is at an angle of 90 degrees when holding in reference to the work surface, minimizing wrist rotation.

The mouse comes with large thumb rest on the right side and a palm rest on the bottom that prevents your palm from dragging. It also features a pointer speed control with four degrees of customizable speed, and the Evoluent software allows you to customize the two extra buttons on the up and downsides of the thumb rest, enabling you to give them common responsibilities.

What we like
  • Has a completely neutral wrist and hand grip
  • Comes with a third button which is quite unusual in other mice
  • Is more comfortable than a horizontal mouse
What we don’t like
  • Has a very slippery plastic body
  • Disconnects after a short gap

Should this mouse be on the list of the best mice for finger pain?

Yes, If you use your mouse frequently and value your wrists’ health in the long term, this is the best mouse for finger pain you can get.


Kensington Orbit

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7. Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse


  • Free downloadable KensingtonWorks software
  • 2 buttons
  • 5 Year warranty
  • for both right-handed and left-handed users
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Unique scroll Ring

Kensington develops, creates, and manufactures award-winning products that are trusted by professionals all over the world, ranging from docking stations to computer cable locks, mouse and trackballs, and ergonomics.

This trackball mouse from Kensington features a scroll ring for scrolling up and down while giving you the ability to scroll around without actually having to move your hand.

The trackball comes with a rubbery wrist rest, for both right-handed and left-handed people, which is a soft hand and wrist cushioning for ergonomic comfort while using a computer for long periods of time.

It also enables to further customize your user experience by installing the free software, which allows you to assign a range of application functions to each of the two buttons.

The trackballs’ optical tracking technology ensures accurate cursor movement with great precision, allowing you to travel to the appropriate screen location fast and with fewer hand motions, enabling you to work more effectively and efficiently.

The most astonishing feature of this trackball is that it is built for both left and right-handed users, allowing for ideal trackball operation. Additionally, To completely personalize the physical and virtual footprint, you may also alter the cursor and scroll speed of the trackball and scroll ring.

What we like
  • Has a wrist rest that can be removed
  • Is an ambidextrous mouse
  • Embedded optical tracking technology
  • TrackballWorks, a free application, can be used to customize the
What we don’t like
  • Many activities requiring accuracy will take a bit longer to perform

Should this mouse be on the list of the best mice for finger pain?

Because of the ambidextrous design, the large trackball and its ability to be operated even with the palm of your hand, and the availability of a scroll ring that allows scrolling through huge documents or webpages so swift, this mouse is a very ergonomic mouse that is ideal for finger pain.


Corsair Nightsword

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8. Corsair Nightsword Mouse


  • 18000 DPI
  • 10 fully programmable buttons
  • High-Performance Rubber Grips
  • Ultra accurate tracking
  • Comfortable shape

The Corsair Nightsword is a mouse constructed of plastic with a rubberized high-performance grip on both the sides and the front, giving it a naturally hand-fitting and pleasant shape. There are three firm buttons on the left side of the mouse, as well as a wide thumb rest area, which helps to minimize inadvertent pressing while still providing a comfortable grip.

This mouse has 10 customizable buttons that allow you to personalize your gaming experience with strong macros and key Remaps in-game.

Additionally, two custom buttons beside the left click, are made accessible that are utilized to switch between the three DPI levels in a range of 100 to 18000, also shown by the lighting up of LEDs below the buttons indicating which level you are on.

Furthermore, the texturized gripping scroll wheel made of rubber is followed by two buttons for switching between profiles, which may be modified, resulting in the color change of LED lights for indication on the side of the thumb rest.

Something that has yet to be seen in a mouse but is available in this Corsair mouse is the ability to alter the weight, thanks to a container for 6 weights which can be added or withdrawn from their mounting locations as needed. Moreover, The 1000Hz/min optical sensor, PMW3391, with an IPS of 400 and 18,000 DPI, enables excellent tracking while also providing comprehensive sensitivity adjustment.

What we like
  • Omron switches support 50 million clicks
  • The RGB lighting on the mouse gives it a stylish look
  • Ergonomics is great
  • The sniper button is in an ideal location
What we don’t like
  • Not too smooth of a scroll wheel
  • Need Corsairs iCUE software installed to run

Should this mouse be on the list of the best mice for finger pain?

Yes. The mouse’s attractive appearance, increased button availability, and notably the excellent function of adding/removing weights from the mouse make it stand out, earning it a spot on this list of best mice for finger discomfort.


Microsoft Sculpt

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9. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse


  • Advanced ergonomic design
  • Windows button for one-touch access to the Start Menu.
  •  Comfortable
  • 3 buttons
  • 2 AA Batteries

The Microsoft Sculpt is a Bluetooth wireless mouse that does not require a dongle to connect to your device, whether it be a tablet, desktop, laptop, or other device. It is a very comfortable mouse to grip, with a wrist rest angle of 23 degrees relative to your work surface and the remarkable feature of a four-way scroll with a configurable press-down characteristic that can be configured as desired.

The mouse comes in very innovative packaging that contains 2 AA Batteries, a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Wireless Optical Mouse, and a User Manual. On the side of the mouse, a cyan blue Microsoft logo plastic button which is also a touchpad.

Sliding down on it will take you to the recently used applications area, while clicking on it will take you to your home screen, with your current tab switching to your most recent tab if you swipe up on the logo, where the swiping up and down functionality can be modified.

The mouse uses blue track technology which allows it to track on nearly any surface except reflecting surfaces unless you’re lucky.

The included batteries will last at least 6 months and can be easily replaced in the mouse by removing the top plastic cover by clicking the button provided to snap it up and enter the batteries. Furthermore, the underside of the mouse has a Bluetooth connecting button, a power button that, when turned off, can provide the mouse a few extra minutes of battery life, and an LED indication for the mouse’s blue track technology.

What we like
  • Features four-way scrolling
  • Has a solid side matte gripping
  • Is a good all-purpose mouse
  • Lightweight and comfortable grip
What we don’t like
  • Is not compatible with macOS
  • Requires Bluetooth to function
  • Doesn’t track on glass

Should this mouse be on the list of the best mice for finger pain?

This mouse from Microsoft has several unique distinguishing characteristics such as a pop-out top cover, four-way scrolling, a pleasant handgrip, and its low weight, making it an excellent pick for the best mouse for finger pain.


J-Tech Digital

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10. J-Tech Digital V628 Vertical Mouse:


  • 600/1000/1600 DPI
  • 6 Buttons
  • Handshake Positions
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty 
  • Ergonomic Design

The J-Tech mouse outperforms the competition primarily in terms of form factor while being 5.8 inches tall and 4 inches in depth.

One of the most useful features of the J-Tech Digital is that the next and back buttons are all located in the thumb rest region, making it simple to move your thumb to press those keys without having to move your entire hand. The fact that a button can last up to three million clicks will amaze a lot of people.

Additionally, The scroll wheel is located between the left and right clicks on the right side of the mouse, while also functioning as a button.

The mouse has an optical sensor on the bottom, as well as a button for turning on and off the LED. Among the important parameters are controlled DPI settings to fine-tune the response to the user’s preferences. For the vast majority of jobs, an advanced high optical is quite exact. The mouse enables you to choose between three DPI levels: 600, 1000, and 1600 (resolution.)

The unique mouse shape facilitates the support and avoidance of forearm torsion, which can be uncomfortable at times, while its design provides the user with a handshake sensation. This handshake posture virtually reduces the pressure caused by rotating your wrist.

What we like
  • Comes with 18 months warranty with lifetime technical support
  • Has a removable palm rest
  • The mouse is available in both wired and wireless
  • Offers customizable thumb buttons
  • Adjustable DPI settings in resolutions (600, 1000, 1600)
What we don’t like
  • The mouse is not ambidextrous

Should this mouse be on the list of the best mice for finger pain?

Yes, it is one of the finest ergonomic vertical mice not only because of its superb ergonomic design but also because of its remarkable usefulness and low price point.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Mouse for Finger Pain?

An ergonomic mouse that most closely matches a traditional mouse in form factor and function will be the simplest to adjust to and learn for the great majority of users. The ideal ergonomic mouse will have a form that allows the hand to fall over the surface of the mouse effortlessly, as well as a design that provides a distinct and enlarged grip area for thumb placement.

Some of the most common types of ergonomic mice could include:

Best Mouse for Finger Pain
Infographic: Best Mouse for Finger Pain

Horizontal Ergonomic Mouse:

The horizontal ergonomic mouse has the appearance and feel of a conventional mouse while integrating helpful features such as scroll wheels and shortcuts. They generally have a design that makes the mouse simpler to hold and has a place for your thumb to rest.

Vertical Mouse:

A vertical mouse is ergonomically designed to assist the user in retaining the handshake design while using To hold a vertical mouse, minimal to no wrist twisting is necessary. It maintains the forearm and wrist in a neutral rest posture, reducing muscular usage and arm discomfort caused by prolonged poor posture.

Trackball Mouse:

A trackball mouse allows your hand to remain in a more natural position on the mouse and requires less effort because it does not need to be moved about. It differs from a normal mouse such that you operate the trackball using your thumb or your full hand and

Joystick Mouse:

A joystick mouse is a pointing device that moves the whole device using a joystick


Can using a mouse cause finger pain?

Yes, When working on a computer, using the mouse excessively may induce finger pain. The frequent practice of repeatedly pressing the forefinger on the mouse can result in edema or inflammation of the thin layer of tissue that surrounds each tendon in the body.

How can I use a mouse without hand pain?

By shifting to an innovative ergonomically built mouse, you may reduce the likelihood of irritating the tendon sheaths in your hand and, as a result, prevent the beginning of trigger fingers and hand pain in most cases.

What type of mouse is best for index finger pain relief?

A Vertical Ergonomic mouse is your best bet for index finger pain reduction since it forces your hand to stay in a natural, handshake posture by not applying strain on your wrists, lowering your risks of RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome, among other things.


If you are experiencing hand or finger pain from your traditional mouse as a consequence of extended work or gaming hours, it is finally time to switch to an ergonomic mouse. Finding the finest ergonomic mouse for your business will have a significant long-term influence on your body’s wellness. We have done our best in this post to offer the best solutions to reduce your finger discomfort, but keep in mind that this is not a medically certified article, so if you have persistent pain, you should consult a doctor.