Best Mouse For Tennis Elbow 2022 – No Pain, Excellent Reviews!

If you are looking for the best mouse for tennis elbow, it is quite clear that you suffer from pain in your elbow and arm which can be excruciating at times. Thus, it is more than important to choose a mouse that is ergonomically advanced providing ultimate comfort to the user. In other words, it should be light on your wrist and arm so that you can go on working for hours at stretch without any pain.

The biggest benefit of an ergonomically built mouse is that it ensures that your hand, wrist, and forearm are in the correct position. What it also means is that this good posture makes it possible for your muscles and tendons to move the cursor without much effort thereby putting less pressure on your hand, wrist, arm.

At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that a regular mouse is likely to put a lot of strain on your muscles and tendons, aggravating the tennis elbow and the pain that comes with it.

List of Best Mouse For Tennis Elbow 2022

Best Mouse For Tennis Elbow Reviews 2022

Without much ado, let’s check out some of the best and most popular mouse models that have been getting incredibly positive user reviews…


Logitech MX Vertical

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1. Logitech MX Vertical


  • DPI 4000
  • 3 Hours of Use From A 1-Minute Quick Charge
  • Three Ways to Connect
  • Durable
  • Advanced Ergonomic Design

Logitech is a brand that is now synonymous with high-quality computer peripherals. One of its best models that can offer relief to people suffering from tennis elbow is MX vertical that comes with a unique shape with a high degree of ergonomics to help you use your mouse for long hours without putting any strain on your elbow, wrist, or arm.

This is a mouse that comes with an almost vertical profile and holding the mouse seems like you are shaking your hand with someone. This unique positioning of the mouse prevents twisting of the forearm and is quite effective in reducing muscular strain.

So far, so good! But what about other features?

Well, to be honest, this mouse doesn’t fall short almost anywhere.

It offers highly efficient tracking since its optical sensor comes with a high DPI of 4,000. I must mention here that with this DPI it needs 4 times less hand movement as compared to an ordinary mouse that comes with a 1000 DPI. Thus, it tries to achieve precise tracking while putting minimum strain on your muscles and tendons, making it one of the best mouse models for people suffering from tennis elbow.

But this is not all!

Here you have a mouse that can be connected to three devices at a time. Not just this, it can seamlessly navigate from one device to another with the push of a button. Moreover, with the help of Logitech FLOW software, you can easily transfer data among all three computers or laptops.

Furthermore, this is a device that is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS. Over and above, it can be connected with both a wireless USB unifying receiver or Bluetooth.

Last but not the least, it comes with a rechargeable battery that may last for up to 4 months on a single charge.

What we like
  • Unique Ergonomic Design
  • 4,000 DPI for precise tracking
  • Can be connected with up to 3 devices
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts 4 months on a single charge
What we don’t like
  • No RGB Lighting
  • New shape requires some time to get used to

Does this mouse deserve a place on the list of best mouse models for tennis elbow?

Absolutely YES!

The main reason is that it minimizes strain on the wrist, hand, and arm to ensure that people suffering from tennis elbow can work with it for longer durations at a stretch. It tends to minimize pressure on muscles and tendons which brings huge relief for such people.

Besides this, tracking is good and so is connectivity. Battery life is also great.

The only issue is that you might take some time getting used to the grip because of its unique shape. Otherwise, it’s a great model for all people suffering from tennis elbow. I must mention here that is one of the best mice for finger pain too.


Microsoft Sculpt

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2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse


  • Advanced ergonomic design
  • Mouse Angle and height are comfortable
  • 3 Buttos
  • Precise Control on Virtually Any Surface.
  • BlueTrack Technology

Moving on to the next mouse on this list, Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is a small and compact model with a good grip that minimizes pressure on your muscles and tendons so that it can be easily used for hours by people suffering from tennis elbow.

One of the most remarkable things about this model is that it comes with a thumb scoop that ensures natural hand and wrist postures. Not just this, mouse angle and height ensure that your wrist is placed in a comfortable position minimizing strain on both muscles and tendons, making it a perfect choice for people with tennis elbow. It is one of the best options when looking for a mouse with claw grip too.

What sets this model apart from other models mentioned on this list is that it is small and compact and you can easily take it along with you while traveling. In other words, it gains a couple of brownie points for being portable.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Another important aspect of this mouse is that it comes with MicrosofTrack Technology that ensures precise and accurate tracking on virtually any surface.

This mouse not only comes with left/right-click buttons but also includes a central scroll wheel that helps move in all four directions.

The Sculpt has the usual pair of left/right-click buttons and a central scroll wheel to move in four directions. It also has a side-mounted “Windows” button, which gives Windows users quick access to the Start menu and a secret “back” button hidden near the mouse’s rear for faster browser navigation.

What we like
  • Compact Design
  • Thumb Scoop
  • Natural hand position that minimizes strain
  • Precise Tracking
  • Reasonably priced
What we don’t like
  • No RGB Lighting
  • Only for right-handed people

Should this mouse be a part of this list of Best Mouse for Tennis Elbow?

I would answer that with a resounding yes. This mouse ensures a natural grip and minimizes pressure or strain on your wrist and arm. Ergonomically, it is an advanced model that ensures great relief for people suffering from tennis elbow.

Furthermore, it provides accurate and precise tracking. Even though it was launched at a higher price, it can now be bought at a very reasonable price.


Anker 2.4G Wireless

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3. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse


  • 800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI
  • 6 Buttons
  • 2.4G USB receiver 
  • 18-Month Hassle-Free Warranty.
  • Ergonomic Design

This is another great mouse for people looking for a device that can help them ease pain that is commonly associated with tennis elbow. What makes it unique is that it is a vertical design and as such, it excels in reducing strain on your wrist.

The main benefit of this vertical design is that it keeps your wrist in a neutral position so that you can work with your hand on it for long hours without discomfort or pain.

Let’s check out some of the other features of this mouse…

As far as tracking is concerned, this mouse from Anker can track on almost all surfaces since it is powered by powerful Optical Tracking Technology and you can adjust its DPI as 800, 1200, or 1600 depending upon your need and requirement. I must say this, it offers a quite precise tracking.

This mouse also comes with next/previous buttons that come in handy when webpage browsing. This is a feature that makes it highly appealing to a large section of surfers, gamers, and those that spend hours working on their computers. In all, this mouse consists of 5 buttons that you can use to perform repetitive tasks rather quickly through easy and simple programming.

Over and above, this mouse rates pretty highly when it comes to power saving. When its left idle for more than 8 minutes, it goes into sleep mode but it gets activated as soon as you press the left or the right button on it.

I must mention here that it is a wireless model that saves a lot of clutter since you have no wires to take care of.

Furthermore, this device comes with an 18-month warranty so that you can have it repaired or have faulty parts repaired without any hassle.

What we like
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Minimizes Strain on Wrist
  • Great tracking with 3 DPI Options
  • Power Saving Mode
  • 18-Month Warranty
  • Reasonably Priced
What we don’t like
  • Not for people who prefer a fingertip grip
  • Not all buttons are programmable
  • The clicking sound is quite audible

Why put this mouse on the list of best mice for tennis elbow?

One of the main reasons is its good ergonomics. As stated above, it minimizes pressure on your wrist by keeping it in a neutral position. As such, it is one of the best choices available when looking for a mouse for tennis elbow.

Tracking is good and its power-saving mode is a great add-on. The only issue is that it is not the best choice for people who prefer a fingertip grip. Moreover, it is not the most silent mouse and the clicking sound is quite audible.

Otherwise, it comes at a great price and is best suited for people suffering from tennis elbow.


3M Wired Ergonomic

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4. 3M Wired Ergonomic Optical Mouse


  • Available in 2 Sizes
  • Vertical Grip design
  • Use your thumb to left and right click
  • Optical sensor, USB/PS2 plug and play compatibility and a 6.5 feet
  • 2 year warranty

3M wired ergonomic optical mouse carries the distinction of being recommended by the Arthritis Foundation. What it clearly means is that it’s a mouse that can be a great help for people suffering from wrist and joint pains, including Tennis Elbow.

Let’s have a brief look at some of its main features:

Just like Anker Vertical Mouse above, this model too sports a vertical grip and succeeds pretty well in keeping your wrist in a neutral position. This, by itself, helps considerably in reducing pressure or strain on your wrist and elbow. Thus, you can work for hours at stretch with your hand on the mouse without any discomfort or pain.

The main difference between other mice and this mouse is in the posture of your hand. There’s no fingertip grip here but all you need to do is just grip the handle to move the mouse. I must mention here, that all throughout your hand rests on the base.

3M Wired Ergonomic Optical Mouse

What makes it a great choice is that this is a model that is clinically proven to reduce pain in your hand and arms.

The optical sensor that it comes with is quite good and can ensure precise tracking.

The only drawback that seems to be there is that it can only be used by right-handed people. Besides this, it comes in two sizes, including small and large and you can choose one according to the size of your hand.

Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty so that you can have it easily repaired if the need be.

What we like
  • Recommended by Arthritis Foundation
  • Reduces pain in hands and wrist
  • Provides Accurate Tracking
  • Comes with an Advanced Optical Sensor
  • Available in 2 Sizes
What we don’t like
  • Only for right-handers
  • May take some time getting used to it
  • Doesn’t suit people who prefer fingertip grip

Is this mouse the right choice for the list of Best Mouse Models for Tennis Elbow?

Absolutely YES! It is one of the best mice that you can lay your hands on if you are suffering from tennis elbow or arthritis. That it is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, make it even more desirable.

The only issue with this mouse is that it cannot be used by people who are left-handers. Otherwise, it is a great choice. You also have an option to choose the right mouse according to the size of your hand.


LEKVEY Vertical

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5. LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse – Rechargeable 2.4GHz


  • DPI 800/1200/1600 Levels
  • 6 Buttons
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / Linux
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 18-month product warranty

Moving on to the next mouse, LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse doesn’t fail to impress with its styling and features.

The build is quite ergonomic and the vertical grip makes sure that your wrist is in a neutral handshake position in order to reduce and minimize the pain that comes with tennis elbow.

This is a mouse that offers reasonably good tracking since it comes with three DPI levels that can be set as 800, 1200, or 1600. In other words, you can set the sensitivity of the mouse according to your preference with the click of a button.

Additionally, it comes with “Page Back” and “Page Forward” buttons that help a great deal when browsing through web pages. It comes with 6 buttons in all.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery so that you have to buy batteries. Moreover, it is very easy to use and comes equipped with a nano ISB receiver at the bottom of the mouse. In other, it is a plug-and-play model!

This mouse is compatible with most versions of Windows including Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / and Linux. However, it is not compatible with Mac OS. This might be somewhat disappointing for Apple lovers and they might have to choose some other mouse.

Lastly, it comes with an 18-month warranty.

What we like
  • Allows neutral grip
  • Reduces and minimizes wrist pain/strain
  • 800, 1200, 1600 DPI Levels
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 18-Month Warranty
What we don’t like
  • Not compatible with Mac OS

Should this mouse be a part of the list of Best Mouse for Tennis Elbow?

No doubt, this model is a perfect choice for the list of best mouse models for tennis elbow since it offers a relaxing and neutral grip that may help you work for long hours without any wrist, arm, or elbow pain.

Moreover, the DPI levels can also be adjusted according to the level of precision you want. The rechargeable battery is another great plus that this mouse comes with. Not just this, an 18-month warranty is another positive feature. Unfortunately, this model is not compatible with Mac OS. Otherwise, it is a great choice!

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow is a medical condition that is characterized by pain in muscles and tendons that connect your forearm to your elbow. Repetitive motion is what it is to be blamed for this condition that often damages tendons and leads to tiny tears in the muscles that can often be quite painful.

I must mention here that working throughout the day or night with your hand on a mouse is a classic example of the repetitive motion that can lead to the Tennis Elbow.

Tennis Elbow is commonly accompanied by inflammation on the outside of the elbow that has to be treated with medication as well as enough rest.

For people, who suffer from Tennis Elbow, there are some ergonomically advanced mouse models (as mentioned above in the list) that can help minimize pain and strain on their tendons and muscles.

Who Needs A Mouse For Tennis Elbow?

I am sure it is obvious that anyone who has tennis elbow can use an ergonomically advanced mouse as mentioned above rather than a standard mouse. Even though such a mouse is not a cure for this medical condition, it can offer big relief and help you work on your computer or laptop with a greater degree of comfort and ease.

One category of users that are the most susceptible to getting Tennis Elbow is gamers and this is because they tend to spend hours and hours on their computers. Not just this, they are also likely to indulge in butterfly clicking and jitter clicking, which make them even more prone to developing this medical condition.

One of the best ways out is to use a vertical mouse that encourages a neutral handshake position and puts minimum strain on your wrist or arm. It’s worth mentioning here that such a mouse ensures correct positioning of your arm, elbow, and wrist so that you can work for long hours without discomfort.

Even those that have recovered from Tennis Elbow should use an ergonomically built model in order to prevent recurrence of this condition. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that such mice can also be helpful if you suffer from other hand injuries or strain.

How Does a Mouse For Tennis Elbow Work?

For the sake of explaining the working mechanism, I would like to state that an ergonomic mouse works by keeping your hand, wrist, and forearm in the correct position. It is important to keep in mind that by maintaining the correct posture, such a mouse helps reduce strain on your hand, wrist, and forearm. It also means that your muscles and tendons do not have to work as hard while you are working with your hand on the mouse.

It is also worth noting that a standard mouse is likely to overexert your muscles and tendons which tends to aggravate pain associated with Tennis Elbow.

Ergonomically advanced models are shaped to fit your hand naturally offering great relief in terms of pain. What it means is that it provides a relaxing grip that does not put extra pressure on your hand, wrist, or forearm. By doing this, such a mouse helps Tennis Elbow to heal faster and also allows you to keep working on your system for long hours at stretch.

How To Choose A Mouse For Tennis Elbow?

Here’s a little guideline that will help you choose the right model for yourself if you suffer from Tennis Elbow:

Best Mouse For Tennis Elbow
Infographic: Best Mouse For Tennis Elbow

Choose The Right Size

When it comes to ergonomically shaped mice, they come in different sizes. There are models for people with small and large hands. You must choose a model that suits the size of your hand so that you get the perfect grip and are able to move the mouse comfortably. The whole idea is that you should have an easy grip and that you do not have to hold the mouse too tightly to move it around.


The presence of buttons is another important feature to look out for since they can make your work so much easier. A lot of mice have right and left buttons along with a scroll wheel. However, if you need a mouse for graphic designing or 3D modeling then you should look for a mouse that has programmable buttons that can be used for repetitive functions and commands.

Mice for Left/Right Handers

There are certain models that are ambidextrous, or which can be used by both left and right-handers. But there are some mouse models that can be used either by left-handers or right-handers. In such a case, you must check out if you can use it or not depending upon whether you are a leftie or a rightie.

Compatibility with Your System

It is quite important to check if a certain mouse is compatible with your computer or laptop. There are certain models that can be used with both Windows and Mac OS. However, there are a few that can be used either with Windows or with Mac OS. Thus, you must check out if the mouse that you want to buy is compatible with your system whether it be on Windows or Mac OS.

Any Surface Tracking

One of the most important features that your mouse should have is that it should support any surface tracking so that you can use it on any surface rather than just your mouse pad. Most ergonomic mice support any surface tracking so that you can easily use them on your mouse pad, glass, wood, etc.


Another important feature worth checking is the durability of the mouse. It should be made up of high-quality materials so that it can last a couple of years. You must check user reviews to find out how durable or long-lasting a particular mouse model is.

Wired Or Wireless

This again is a matter of personal choice and preference. Ultimately, you have to decide whether you want to use a wired mouse or avoid cumbersome wires by using a wireless model. If however, you choose to opt for a wireless model you should know that you would need batteries to operate it. There are some that come with in-built batteries that require frequent charging.


Tennis Elbow is a common problem that a lot of people who spend hours working on their computers face. Ergonomically shaped mice, particularly vertical mice offer relief from this condition by minimizing pain and strain. I have listed some of the best mouse for tennis elbow in the list above so that you can choose one according to your need and preference.

So, check out the above list and take your pick!