How To Aim Better in Fortnite To Get Perfect Shots

If you are frustrated with not being able to aim better at Fortnite, you need not look any further. In this article you will find out “how to aim better in Fortnite” so that you can play this game well and also improve your winning chances.

How To Aim Better in Fortnite?

Here are some simple and proven ways to aim better in Fortnite:

Adjust the Sensitivity Accordingly

Researches reveal that 80% of Fortnite players keep their mouse/keyboard sensitivity more towards the moderate side. It’s important to mention here that some of the best FPS mice come with DPI levels as high as 25K (and even more) and optimizing DPI plays a pivotal role in helping you aim and shoot better.

This is because sensitivity plays a significant role in firing the bullets. I recommend the readers to keep the sensitivity optimized and practice the new adjustments.

While you are adjusting the sensitivity; you need to take care of two things:

Adjust the Sensitivity Accordingly

Adjusting sensitivity too high won’t take you anywhere! This will cause you to fire randomly anywhere and the chances to miss a shot will escalate.

Adjusting sensitivity too low won’t take any you anywhere, either! This is because being too slow will decrease your response time – ultimately causing you to miss the shot.

The wise decision is to keep the sensitivity moderate so you can have accurate and precise control over where your bullets will hit.

Take Full Use of Crouching

If you aren’t too sure about your shooting or aiming skills in the game; the right call is to crouch!

If you are a newbie and doesn’t know about crouching – here it is!

Take Full Use of Crouching

Crouching is basically a position where the player bents down in a position, to become less susceptible to the enemy. This also minimizes the moving sound so you can hide yourself to defend yourself fully. Sometimes you may even creep behind them and they will be unaware of it!

This is the most trusted technique by Fortinte players. Press the left CTRL and take full control over the other players.

Hold The Right Weapon:

Weapons play a significant role in driving perfection to aim during the game.

Weapons generally have different features, as mentioned below:

  • Good reload time
  • Optimized accuracy
  • Greater damage

Each of the weapons has its own significance. But if you want to gain better aiming skills in the game, it is highly recommended to go for weapons that offer you optimized accuracy. The accuracy needs to be perfectly synced with the mouse/keyboard sensitivity. This will require a little practice to make you achieve perfection – but it will be worth it.

Weapons that offer you great accuracy will for sure enhance your game and make your aim better.

Shoot at Upper Torso

Shooting at the upper torso is the trick that has been adopted by many pro gamers. This trick will bring a visible difference in your aiming.

The right way to aim is, shoot at the upper torso. This is because the upper torso is more approachable as compared to the lower part.

If you are having a mid and close-range fight, it is suggested to aim at the shoulder or head.

In this situation, don’t shoot at the lower part – that is just a wastage of your bullets, trust me!

Meanwhile, if you are having a long-range fight, aiming at the middle torso is a clever choice.

High Ground Strategy

The high ground strategy is a benefit-packed strategy, and one of them is – great aiming!

High Ground Strategy

Under this strategy, you stay at the higher ground. You can keep a better eye on your enemies that are on the lower ground. This helps you in detecting enemies effectively and knocking them out. You can get a chance to take a headshot and kill the enemy.

Moreover, while you are on the higher or above ground, it becomes difficult for the enemy to detect you. So you gain an advantage over the other party.

This strategy boosts your aiming and makes you a pro at it!

Adjust Crosshair in Advance

Okay, so this might be a little tricky but with a little practice, you can conquer it!

To adjust the crosshair in advance, you need to analyze your enemy’s movement. As your enemy crosses the crosshair, start shooting. But keep in mind that you do not need to spray bullets in the air. Instead, you need to shoot calmy but responsively. Try to shoot at mid-torso.

Even if your enemy has the habit of jumping, don’t freak out. In fact, that’s a plus! Because being in the air decreases the chances of changing position.

But keep in mind, you have to fire controlled bullets only. Only this way you will be able to knock out your enemy.

Adjust Crosshair in Advance

Fortnite Pop Shot Technique

A few Fortnite players might be aware of this technique. The pop shot technique gives the player a competitive advantage over the enemy.

Here is how it works:

  1. Defend yourself first. Before you plan to attack, think about your defense. To do so, build a wall and stairs to keep an eye on the enemy.
  2. Crouch down to maximize the protection. This will also make it difficult for your enemy to target you.
  3. Stand up slowly and snoop on your enemy. Make sure you are not visible to the enemy.
  4. If you think it is the right time to take over your enemy, shoot! But don’t do it for a longer time. Crouch down immediately!
  5. Repeat the process if your enemy survived.

Apart from the above shared tips, I have a few pieces of advice too! These advices will help you in better aiming during the game. If you are a newbie, do not even think to miss on these advices!

Don’t Panic

The most common mistake newbies or even pros are committed to making is that they panic, especially if they are in close combat. Due to panic, the player starts shooting steadily. This results in nothing except losing your bullets and number of loads. The right decision is to aim, and then shoot wisely.

Here, the trick is to jump (so you are avoided to be encountered) and shoot downwards so the bullet hits the middle torso of the enemy.

Use mouse and keyboard

While, this may sound stupid to you, it is not – trust me! Mouse and keyboard can offer you great precision and accuracy even in PS4. Both devices can be connected using Bluetooth or USB.

To enable USB equipment, go to the toolbar, that resides on the top of the main screen. From the adjustments, press the X button pad. After that, select devices and then External keyboard and mouse. It will give you the opportunity to further make changes like adjusting pointer speed for an optimized gaming experience.

On the contrary, if you are using Bluetooth devices, go to devices > adjustments > Bluetooth devices.

Enable the pairing mode and your device name will appear on the screen.

Sometimes, the device may ask for the confirmation code i.e. 0000. But it may be written on your device’s manual.

Choose the right mouse

You need to choose a mouse that offers you perfect response time, with accuracy and precision so you never miss a shot! Also, look at the battery timings on the product. This is important because you might have almost conquered the game, but due to unexpected charging run out – you will have to face defeat.

Watch professionals

There is no better guidance than watching Fortinte professionals. Observe how they take their game to the next level. Even their tiniest tip can help you elevate your Fortinte game. You can get your hands on uncountable guides available across Youtube and other forums.

Practice More

Needless to say, practice makes a man perfect! After you have understood the tips and advice, apply them in your gaming and watch your gaming getting stronger each day. It might be a little difficult in the beginning to become habitual to the new tips, but over time – you become a pro! I assure you, the Fortnite pros we have in the market who was noob back then – but today, they are the most followed and trusted gamers in the market.

In any game that encompasses shooting, perfect aiming skills becomes essential! Bad aiming will sure allow your enemies to loot you and knock you out. I am sure, you can’t afford that – right?

The above-shared tips are an abstract of how to aim better in Fortinte and perform better than other players.

But don’t forget – everything along with gaming needs practice in order to become a master in it. Since you know the tips and advice that can elevate your gaming, practice them until they become your gaming style.

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