How to Curve Text in Adobe Illustrator

Since you want to find out How to curve text in Illustrator, I can safely presume that you are interested in graphic designing.

Who doesn’t love curved text?

Well…Everyone does!

Curved text can make objects look appealing and it can be instrumental in enhancing the overall look of the object?

Unlike what most people think, there’s no rocket science here.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to deliver wonderful and cool designs to your clients and earn some extra-good reviews on your profile.

Adobe Illustrator comes with an array of options to help you achieve the perfect curved text super smoothly. Knowing how to write customized text means expanding and polishing your typography skills. This can help you grab a major share of the limelight when standing among a whole lot of graphic designers.

To begin with the baby step, you need to understand that curved text isn’t something as complex as astronautics – instead, it’s just a text, wrapped around a circular shape or any other customized shape. So basically, when you are curving a text, it means you are simply writing on a customized path!

So, without much ado let me spell out two of the best ways for you to curve text in Adobe Illustrator.

How To Curve Text in Adobe Illustrator?

As stated above, there are two basic ways of curving the text in Illustrator.

One option at hand is the curve the text via the menu and the second option is to do so with the path tool. Before I begin telling you the actual method of curving the text, I would also like to bring to your notice that it is worth checking out the best mouse for Adobe Illustrator that can help you do all your work with better efficiency.

How To Curve Text in Adobe Illustrator -Technique 1: Curving Text Via Menu

Let me begin by saying that this is the most commonly used method of curving the text, both by beginners as well as professionals.

How To Curve Text in Adobe Illustrator -Technique 1 Curving Text Via Menu

This is how it works:

Either type a fresh text by selecting the text tool or select the existing text that you have typed.

  • Once done, click on the Effect option, available on the top menu bar in the File. Once you do so, you will notice a drop-down menu appear on screen with multiple options.
  • From among the options from the drop down menu, you have choose the Warp option.
  • After the wrap option, multiple options will be shown. Select Arc option,
  • Once you click on the Arc option, a window will appear with different options and settings, which will help you in adjusting the percentages of multiple criteria. This might include things like how much arch you want, bend, and distortion, horizontal, vertical, etc.
  • I personally suggest enabling the preview option so that you exactly know what’s happening and how your end product will look like,
  • After you are done with all the adjustments, you need to click on the OK button and you should be able to get the final result.

Despite many options, I find this technique pretty easy and a time-saver; when you need to deliver something out of the box but are running out of ideas!

With the application of this technique, you should be able to impress your clients very quickly.

Also, while selecting the Arc option, you will see multiple options like Arc lower, upper and other… You can play with them too and enjoy unique outcomes.

How To Curve Text in Adobe Illustrator? – Technique 2: Path Tool

This method is my favorite method and it happens to be super easy and convenient.

How To Curve Text in Adobe Illustrator – Technique 2 Path Tool
  • Draw the shape. Of course, we are learning how to have a curved text in illustrator – so we’ll go for a circle. I must mention here that this technique can be applied to any shape that you want. To clarify further, you can have it in any shape that you want, including a rectangle or even a square.
  • After selecting the circle from the menu, or by pressing L, draw it on your artboard or canvas,
  • Click and hold on type tool for a second, an additional menu will appear,
  • Select Type on Path Tool. An italic cursor will appear.
  • Click on the circle with the italic cursor. This will activate the cursor and you can start typing. As you type, the text will wrap around the circle and form a circular shape.

To further make some minor changes or adjustments, select the Direct Selection Tool. You can find it on the menu or by simply pressing A. An arrow-like icon appears which can be used to tune the shape or little bit of text.

Now, you click on the path that you want to edit. Anchors will appear. Hold the anchor and softly adjust them. However, this option is suitable for end-moment changes only.

How to Maintain Text in the Middle or Center of the Circle?

Many illustrator beginners or even pros struggle to keep the text in the center or middle of the circle while using illustrator.

You’ll be glad to know that even this isn’t something very challenging – but yes, a little tricky!

Here’s how you do it:

  • After you select type tool, go on the type on path tool, and then select type of path options. A mini window will pop up,
  • Here you have options to keep your text in ascender, descender, center, or baseline,
  • Select center – and enjoy your text in middle despite any size. Select Direct Selection Tool, or press A.
  • You’ll notice the bottom part being upside-down. But, even this isn’t a problem. Hold on the Shift button and select anchor points on both sides. Select the scissor icon from the upper menu and cut them. Adjust your text accordingly, as the circle is in two parts now. The text should be very appropriately adjusted in both separate areas.
  • Lastly, go again on the type of path options put a check on Flip.

You are done!

When to Apply Curved Text in the Illustrator?

If you stick to the methods listed above, you should be able to apply the curved text in Adobe Illustrator without any major issues.

However, the big question is when should you use curved text?

I would like to mention here that even though the curved text might help you emphasize or stress on certain words or objects, it is generally observed that curved text can at times make the text somewhat difficult to read.

YouTube video

This is why you should generally avoid using curved text unless and until you want to put extra emphasis on certain words. Ultimately, you have to use your own discretion as to where you need curved text and where you would be better off without it.

Final Thoughts!

I am sure, next time you are going to have curve text on illustrator like a pro! Curving text on illustrator looks rather classy and it is pretty simple to do so. Stick around the two techniques mentioned above and you should be able to curve text nicely. I must remind you here that after curving the text you can also save your Adobe Illustrator as PNG.

The end result is going to win you your client for sure!