How to Make a Sphere in SketchUp?

Using Sketchup and struggling to draw a sphere? I know it’s annoying when you wish to draw a sphere but Sketchup’s internal features don’t offer you a tool.

No wonder, a lot of people search for the query, “How to make a sphere in SketchUp?”

However, the best part is that even though there’s no specific tool to draw a sphere, it is still possible to draw one in SketchUp. And you can do it like a pro!

I have been in your shoes and I know you must be looking for something basic and simple. The process I am going to share with you is rather simple and there’s absolutely nothing complex about it.

One thing that I would recommend at the onset, however, is that you must try to get the best mouse for SketchUp which can make your working in this software relatively easier. Such mice can not only help you hit the right pixel with precision but can also make mundane tasks such as copy and paste in SketchUp as simple as a breeze through programmable buttons.

How to Make a Sphere in Sketchup?

You may start by opening SketchUp and creating a new file.

Once you are done with it, start by making a circle.

Basic Circle:

Create a simple circle in SketchUp

Press the C button on your keyboard and draw a basic circle. As you do so, you are prompted to enter the number of sides. Without a doubt, you need to enter here the number of sides that you want.

The trick is to add a maximum number of sides. What you need to keep in mind here is that as the number of sides increases, the angularity of the sphere decreases. In layman’s terms, the sphere will appear as if it is less angular.

There are basically two ways of making a sphere in SketchUp.

Either you can simply use your mouse and click in order to make the circle and settle the mid-point. Another way is to type the correct dimensions or radius you wish to have.

I think, you rarely have an idea of the dimensions or radius. So it’s better to use your mouse to draw the circle.

Second Circle:

Second Circle in Skethcup

Done with the basic circle? Now draw the second circle. But before that, specify the number of edges you wish to have. Like I mentioned above; the higher the number of edges – the smoother the sphere.

Let’s enter 10 as the number of sides here. Now go towards your first circle, hold it from the middle. Meanwhile, drag the mouse to select the corners of the circle. I know, you can see the angular corners of the circle at the moment. At this moment, just ignore it.

You no more need the face of the first circle; so delete it.

Now select the path. Now follow the following guideline.

Tools > Follow me Tool

Now go towards your circle and select it.

Follow me Tool

If your circle isn’t smooth and has sharp edges, increase the number of sides. Try 13. If still doesn’t work, increase it until you achieve the desired smoothness. For everyone, it works differently, so have experiment a bit with it.

Draw Another Circle:

You have to draw another circle now. But when you draw another circle, keep the sides as 100. You can do this by entering 100 in the side box option that resides on the utmost right lower corner.

Also, do not forget to lock the red axis. To lock the red axis, press the right key button of your keyboard and your red axis will be locked.

Draw Another Circle

Now it’s time to select the midpoint of the first circle and then the corners of it. Keep in mind, the radius of both circles has to be equal. This time, the corners of the circle will be pretty much smoother and no angular or cone-type shape will be popping out.

Follow Me

Now, you are just a few steps away from the sphere.

Once you are done drawing both the circles, click on the path of the first circle. Then select the tools option, from the further drop-down menu, click on follow me. In the last, click on the second circle to select it and successfully get the desired sphere.

Follow me

And you are done!

When I started using Sketchup, I used to struggle with getting the perfect and smooth sphere. The only trick to get a non-edgy sphere is to enter the maximum number of sides. The more sides a sphere has, the better it looks.

Also, you have to be a little more patient with Sketchup especially if you are new to it. But with the passage of time, you will get a good grip over it.

You might be wondering, why bear so much hassle to draw a sphere, while there can be other alternatives too? Well, I understand your confusion. When I started working on Sketchup I used to think the same and decided to switch to other 3D software.

However, only after I switched, I realized that Sketchup is pretty simpler and easier to use as compared to other 3D software. I call it the irreplaceable software for its advanced features and simpler user interface.

Moreover, Sketchup enables you to showcase the project on the actual site even before it’s completed! I find it very helpful because I generally have to deal with clients. So it works like a best friend for me.

Moreover, Sketchup empowers you to showcase your model on Google earth! WOW – your model gets such a huge exposure. What else do you need?

Apart from all this, my overall experience with Sketchup has been a good one. Like, I can rely on Sketchup for various projects and give preference to it. I agree, in beginning, you might face some hurdles, but that’s the part of learning. Give yourself some time and ace it!


I hope I have clearly explained how to make a sphere in Sketchup. I suggest you draw a sphere while reading the article – it will be helpful. If you follow the steps mentioned above, I am sure you would find it really easy to make a sphere in SketchUp.