How to Play Minecraft Without Mouse

“How to Play Minecraft Without Mouse?”, If this is your concern, you are not alone. A lot of people like you would want to know how to enjoy this game without using their mice.

Can I Play Minecraft Without a Mouse?

Although playing Minecraft sounds like quite a fantastic journey, the problem is that it often comes with a lot of problems. Maybe you would like to play Minecraft on your laptop instead of on a computer? Or perhaps you’re away from home and don’t have access to your Mouse for Minecraft or the mouse that you use for butterfly clicking and controllers, etc. Sometimes, we tend to be quite lazy and don’t feel like digging up our mice that we long lost.

At all such times, what we need is something to get us out of this crunch. Here is when the question for playing Minecraft without a mouse arises. People are constantly on the lookout for easier ways to navigate this world of building blocks.

The common perception is that it would be really difficult or even impossible to play this game without a mouse. However, it is certainly not the case.

You can easily win over this world and create your new own without any hassle, even if you don’t own a mouse. The best part is that in such a case, you don’t even have to worry about mouse acceleration.

So, yes, the answer to whether it is possible to play Minecraft without a mouse is yes! You can definitely play the game without your mouse.

Further ahead, you will learn how to get complete access to the game without a mouse. The settings for what you have to do are mentioned down below.

Here’s How You Play Minecraft Without a Mouse

To play Minecraft without your Mouse, you need to make specific alterations to the settings in your computer. This process can be achieved once you work on the settings in your Windows device.

Here’s How You Play Minecraft Without a Mouse

Windows comes with an in-built feature through which you can control the Mouse on the screen just by using your keyboard. So, what this means is that if you enable this setting, you can use the keyboard to navigate the screen, be it for Minecraft or your everyday scrolling, and use your Mouse.

While it might seem like quite a fantastic feature, the technology has still left room for improvement as the part can be pretty slow. So, if you activate your keyboard settings to navigate your Mouse, you might face a little bit of lag.

One more thing to remember is that this process means moving your Mouse using the Numpad buttons given on your keyboard. So, if you happen to own a laptop without the Numpad buttons, you will not be able to benefit from this feature. Read below to see how you can activate the feature.

If you still want to try it out, here’s how you should go about it.

Start the process by going into the Accessibility Options on your computer. When you do this, a pop-up window will open in front of you.

Now, press on Mouse in this window. You can either do this or press Alt + Shift + Num Lock to achieve the same desired results. And that’s it!

What Minecraft Has in Store for You

A “sandbox game”, as Minecraft is often referred to, describes its gameplay. Individuals may utilize building blocks, materials found on the site, and their imagination to construct their own landscapes and adventures in this digital world.

Minecraft Has in Store for You

To advance to the next level in many well-known games, you must have a specific group of expertise. Especially for young children, this may be a source of frustration since they don’t always have the skills or free time necessary to make significant progress in a game. With Minecraft, kids of all ages can design and build their worlds and experiences.

Minecraft players have a wide range of options for how they want to play. Users may re-create a fictional world or construct one from the ground up, battle villains, and go on adventures on their own or with others using the game’s multiplayer capabilities. It’s also accessible to players of all skill levels.

Minecraft Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys

The best part about playing games is that you can always make your experience up a notch by figuring some of the secret tips out there. The easiest way to go about the game is by making sure you are aware of all the right shortcuts and hotkeys. These will always keep you equipped and ready to fend off any challenge that comes your way.

Below are some of the most valuable shortcuts and hotkeys you should keep in mind while playing Minecraft. Also, all of these can be accessed just by using your keyboard, so don’t worry if you don’t have a mouse.

1. Show Hitbox by [Holding]F3 key + [Pressing]B key

This is a convenient shortcut to utilize when you need to strike or miss a monster or person with pinpoint accuracy. For example, if you may not want to knock a friendly group stranded someplace accidentally, you should use caution. Try out this feature in the following case.

If your Minecraft Dog is trapped inside a boat with a large predator, such as a Horse or a Cattle, hitting the nozzle of the ship anyplace will most likely not tear the vessel. This is because the hitboxes come in a blocky shape and are not very precise on the corners of the three-dimensional model, which makes the boat age and it will not split into specific regions and force you into the ship, raising your odds of winning your Dog or the enormous living creature in some cases.

2. Reload Chunks by [Holding]F3 key + [Pressing]A key

Using this shortcut, you may quickly reload worlds chunks. World chunks are blocks of the size 16×16 and some that are even 256 high. Along with more than 65,000 pieces tallied each chunk, making them the largest in the game.

We had seen sluggish chunk reloading and instances when one or more chunks failed to load at all, indicating that the globe has a gap in it.

F3 + A was explicitly created for this purpose, allowing you to restore any missed pieces that did not show within the first load. Additionally, since it continuously updates new block data surrounding you, this is a fantastic method to increase your frame rate quickly. If you have a PC that is not powerful enough to kickstart Minecraft at much more than 60 frames per second, this would have been an excellent essential action for you.

3. Using Number Keys

Never, ever take the number keys for granted. These keys sitting silently on the top of your keyboard can do wonders for your gaming session, especially when it comes to Minecraft. The number keys for one to nine on your keyboard can be used for a wide variety of actions.

For instance, if you want to pick which items you wish to add to your select hot Bar, or maybe you want to sort and organize it in a better way. Instead of clicking them individually and then dragging them, you can use the number keys. This is a great help if you don’t own a mouse and the dragging process is complex.

Start by making use of the nine slots given to you in the hot Bar. Take your cursor and move it using the Numpad to the piece you want to add to your calling. Once it is over, you can press the number one to nine based on which slot you want to locate it inside. And there you have it!

4. Pressing F3 for Profiler Graph

The trick we have saved up for you is a pretty simple yet highly beneficial one. When you want to check out some of the detailed and technical information during Minecraft, you need to head for the F3 button. Press it, and you will be given a view of your memory usage, CPI Info, and graphics card info on the right-hand side. On the left, there will be a version of Minecraft displayed along with biome type, exact location, navigation directs, info about the world you are in, and you’re in-game FPS.

While all of this might seem too complicated at first, try to take it all in slowly, and you can alter your gameplay according to the data provided. It’s the perfect tool to enhance your experience in the long run.

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Final Words

Playing Minecraft without a mouse can be a little tricky, but it’s not impossible. Try out the accessibility option given above, and you should be good to go. There are many platforms on which you may play the game. Pc, phone, iPad, Raspberry Pi, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation are all viable options for playing.