How to Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Minecraft

It is crucial that players have access to the best tools, accessories, and gadgets that can make their experience worthwhile when it comes to gaming. However, often, having the best devices on hand is of no use if you don’t know or understand the settings required to ensure a good gaming performance. One such element that all mouse users must need to understand to adjust is mouse acceleration.

This article is about how to turn off mouse acceleration in Minecraft. Doing so will help you avoid sudden movements and improve your precision while playing games. You can also figure out the importance of toggling this feature off when required. Even though it is possible to play Minecraft without a mouse, it is always better to use one and be aware of how to turn off mouse acceleration in this game.

What is Mouse Acceleration?

Before we jump into the dynamics of turning off the mouse acceleration, let’s first try to identify what it actually is and how it can negatively impact your gaming experience.

There are a lot of mice out there, each proving to be more efficient than the other. I must say that a lot of such mice come with interesting features, some of which may not even be required.

Such features can often hinder gamers who wish to play Minecraft or other FPS games. Not just this, they may affect their winning chances too.

Mouse acceleration, also called mouse accel for short, sometimes is the feature that works on the speed of your cursor. The process when you move your mouse on the desk and the cursor moves in the game is the acceleration power of the mouse.

The catch is that when the mouse acceleration is turned on or is at a high, the cursor will move further based on how quickly you are moving your hand on the desk. This happens to create quite a lot of trouble for gamers since more often than not, each and every move in the gaming world is supposed to be calculated. Any unnecessary movement can lead to inaccuracy and hence might eliminate you from the game.

The rule of the thumb considered out there by gamers is that any mouse one uses must be as raw and subtle as possible, especially when it comes to movement processing.

Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Minecraft

Are you annoyed by the lack of precision and accuracy you get while playing Minecraft?  If yes, you need to start by altering the mouse acceleration settings on your device. By changing the settings of your mouse, you are setting new foundations that can enhance your in-game performance tenfold and offer higher levels of accuracy and ease of usage. Here’s how you can go about turning off mouse acceleration for Minecraft.

Thankfully, the process for disabling mouse acceleration is pretty simple. The best part is that it can be done quite easily without any need for additional software or any other hack for that matter.

Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Minecraft

Similar to how you change your themes and displays on Windows, mouse acceleration can be changed and turned off and on, as per the requirement.

Start by heading over the hub of activity on your computer, which is the Control Panel. Here, you can change any and all details of your computer, including the gadgets that are attached to it.

When you have the Control Panel open in front of you, you need to head over to the option that says Hardware and Sound. Once you have pressed on the option that says Hardware and Sound, you will see various options displayed on the screen.

From this new menu, you need to select the option that says Devices and Printers.

Here, you will display all the devices attached to your computer through USB ports or Bluetooth. From here, you need to head to the menu and find your mouse.

Once you have identified your mouse, you can then look at the top of the pop-up window and spot various options that could include Buttons, Pointers, Pointer Options, Wheel, and Hardware.

In the window for Mouse properties, you will press on Pointer Options tab. This will show you a page where you can select the pointer speed as well as other settings.

Right under the Speed settings, there will be a box with the words “Enhance pointer precision” in front of it. Uncheck this box. Doing this will alter the acceleration and turn it off completely.

To confirm the setting, press Apply at the bottom of the page and then click OK.

And you’re done! The setting will be applied to all your games, including Minecraft, immediately.

Mouse Acceleration Settings

More often than not, mouse acceleration is a feature that is switched on by default. This is because a vast majority of people use the element of acceleration all the time as they have no problem with it. This is precisely why the feature of mouse acceleration needs to be turned off manually by all those who wish to use their mice for Minecraft, Fortnite, or any other game.

You’ll be better of by turning off the option that says enhance point precision. Any accidental movements or sudden actions in your game can be intensified if this box is ticked.

Mouse Acceleration Settings

However, when you slow it down, the mouse will move slower than usual and will only move when you want it, at whatever location you want it because the pointer’s speed will be reduced. This will make pointing and aiming more manageable and much more convenient for you.

Mouse Sensitivity

A lot of times, users may even benefit from a lower level of mouse sensitivity. To alter mouse sensitivity, the instructions will be the same. You can head over to the Control Panel, type Mouse in the search box, press on the Pointer Options tab, and move the pointer speed from Slow to Fast depending upon your preference. Once you press Apply and OK, your settings will be changed.

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Why Is It Advised for Gamers to Turn OFF Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is a big-no for gamers and should be turned off at all costs. While buying mice, make sure you don’t end up with one that has inbuilt mouse acceleration. It is because you won’t be able to turn the settings off.

While gaming, the central crux more than often revolves around precision and good aiming.

Gamers typically play for hours and hours to practice and hone their skills. In such times, mouse acceleration can only mess things up and cause inconsistencies.

When mouse acceleration is turned on, gamers have to consider tons of elements. For instance, you have to consider the distance you need to cover when you move your mouse, and you will also have to take into account the speed at which you are going to move the mouse. This tends to be a cumbersome process and can be a major handicap while gaming.

While professional gamers can navigate their virtual worlds easily with mouse acceleration turned on, it is still advised to keep it off to make the experience fun and free of hindrances.

Why Should Mouse Acceleration be Turned ON Sometimes?

While the instructions listed above are for gamers and those specifically playing Minecraft, they ay differ for people who are not using their mice for gaming purposes.

If you are someone who is using a mouse for office work or other chores, you might want to leave it on. Mouse acceleration should also be left turned on for all those people who have a limited amount of space on their desk or a tiny mouse pad. Keeping the setting enabled will make it much easier for these people to cover more distance on their screen just by moving their mice quickly.

Mouse acceleration can be hard for some users, and it might even take some time for you to get used to it. However, like mentioned earlier, if you do not wish to play games and have limited space, it is best for you to give it a try and see how it affects your movement and efficiency levels.

If you wish to use your mouse for everyday chores and gaming, you can toggle it off by the method mentioned above. Turning the setting back on is pretty straightforward as well since all you have to do is head back to Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound again and then tick the same box that was unticked earlier.

Final Words

The gaming world is challenging. If you wish to land yourself in the top scorers and in the league of professionals, you need to make sure that you have all the correct settings implemented. This means getting access to the best mouse for gaming and tuning it up to settings that can help enhance your gameplay. From the sensitivity of the mouse to mouse acceleration, all can be easily tuned and altered. The guide above outlines the easiest way to turn off mouse acceleration.