"When it comes to puttering around on your Mac, Road Mice puts you in the driver's seat." Scott McNulty, MacWorld

"Now you can drive your Mustang, Charger, Corvette or Camaro all day long even while sitting in your cubicle...they are so cool!" Autoweek

"If you believe that computing can be fun - it often is - then the Road Mouse adds something extra to desktop entertainment, especially for car guys and gals. Good on gas, too." Stephen Williams, The New York Times (Gadgetwise Blog)

"As for quality, they've got it. They feel absolutely solid and work far more reliably than most mice I've used. The wireless pairing is straightforward and had zero problems as well." GadgetNutz.com

"The first thing that struck me about the Road Mice Charger SRT-8 was how much it looks like the real thing. Considering that the body had to fit to a standard-sized mouse chassis, Road Mice did a remarkable job capturing the Charger's proportions. " Aaron Gold, About.com

"Sometimes you don't want a mouse that looks like a mouse. Sometimes you want a mouse that looks like a Hot Wheels (Car)." Mark Wilson, Gizmodo.com

"We recently stumbled upon this little gem while trolling the Web for project ideas. This high-resolution wireless mouse from Road comes... in the hot-selling body styles with several paint/stripe color combinations." Modified

"I tested a (Road Mice) model over a week and found it to be more comfortable and solid than I expected!" David Patton, The Wall Street Journal

"For us tech junkies who log a lot of Web miles, Road Mice is a brand-new desk accessory that allows cruisin' the Web in style." David Goodspeed, GearDiary.com

"It's so much cooler to click a (Road Mice car) than a mouse all day. The optical-wireless Road Mice add a bit of colorful fantasy to a desktop." Buzz McClain, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"For the auto enthusiast stuck in the office, Road Mice will remind them to get out. These wireless optical computer mice come in all sorts of hot-rod favorites, including Chevy Camaro and Corvette." Tamara Chuang, The Orange County Register

"Give your computer mouse some roar with Road Mice." Mark Maynard, The San Diego Union Tribune

"Road Mice captured my family's attention as the new best way to 'cruise the web in style!'... Besides looking good, they also work well, making this one of the rare computer accessories that is as functional as it is stylish." Chrissy Stoddard, Mom Central

"Here's a product that's just plain cool...If you have a (Car) fanatic in your family, I can't think of a better gift idea." Greg Robinson, E-Gear

"Want to 'pimp your ride' on the Internet? Try swapping that drab mouse for Road Mice..." SunSentinel

"The functioning headlights, smooth lines and rich coloring give the cars a realistic look and feel, all in the palm of your hand." Drive! Magazine

"I have a brand-new (Muscle Car)...It's not parked in my driveway or garage but instead it rests on my desk and only moves a couple of inches at a time. This car is a souped-up, wireless computer mouse from Road Mice, complete with left- and right-click buttons on either side of a hoodmounted scroll wheel." Al Gibes, The Las Vegas Review Journal (ReviewJournal.com)

"Utilizing the latest RF and optical technology, the Road Mice (Cars) feature the aggressive look of our favorite cars with the functionality of conventional mouse design." 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords

"Whether it's a teenager with a new driver's license or a middle-age dad, any guy would love to have a sports car. But if it isn't in the family budget, maybe you can add a little whimsy to the home computer with Road Mice." T.J. Banes, The Indianapolis Star

"How can you resist having a (realistic) car for a mouse? Maybe it's the car-loving geek in me, but I fell in love with Road Mice." Bridget Carey, Miami Herald

"Road Mice will click with car connoisseurs." The Salt Lake Tribune