Mouse Sensitivity League of Legends – Optimize DPI

League of Legends is the new show-stealer on the market, that has been receiving tremendous attention from gamers throughout the world. However, the gamers community reported that they have been facing challenges regarding the mouse. Even though some of the best mice for League of Legends come with a range of DPI, they cannot decide on the optimum sensitivity for the game.

Did we just speak your heart out?

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Well, we are glad to see you here! Since League of Legends requires extra mouse clicking to ace the competition, DPI settings play a significant role. Needless to say, DPI and mouse settings enhance the user experience – so neither you miss the shot, and nor you overshoot.

The Optimized DPI Setting For League of Legends


If you are willing to change your mouse DPI settings, you need to ensure that your mouse does support that. If it lacks a side button or external software, you won’t be able to adjust the DPI. For this, you will have to invest in a mouse that is a feature-rich gaming mouse.

DPI Setting For League of Legends

Gaming mice might be a little more expensive than the conventional mice on the market. But they are worth their price. Their core benefit is that they empower you to adjust the DPI according to your preference and you don’ have to experience any mouse lagging in League of Legends or any other game..

DPI, also known as Dots Per Inch is the ability of the mouse, that how much distance it can cover on screen with each hand movement. In the case of lower DPI (e.g. 500), you will have to travel your hand through the entire mousepad to make the desired movement. Meanwhile, a gamer with optimized DPI will just move his wrist an inch and will successfully make the move.

Now, you might be considering how if you set the DPI to the maximum so that you can ace the competition?

But no, that is not the case at all.


We have listed the reason below:

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DPI lower than 400 might bring many problems for the gamer. The gamer will have to move his hand, through the entire surface in order to achieve the target. But this is recommended for the newbies since they are practicing and motivated enough to move their mice abruptly.

Medium DPI

DPI falling in between 400 to 800, is recommended for better precision, and accuracy. This is the best option if you have stepped ahead of the newbie phase and are propelling towards the pro phase, then this range will be the best suitable. However, the responsiveness might still not be optimized.

High DPI (Recommended)

The best-recommended mouse sensitivity for league of legends in anything, that falls between 1000-3000 DPI. 3000 is the maximum limit. At this range, your hand needs to travel a minimum distance. It’s just a flick of the hand movement, and the action is done!

Ridiculously High DPI

Anything, that crosses the limit of 3000 is unadvisable. This is because due to extreme high DPI, the chances of overshooting get increased manifold. Either the gamer overshoots or misses the target! The accuracy of the attacks and clicks are not best achieved with such a high DPI.

Besides DPI, there is another thing too that affects the performance of the mouse.

That is acceleration.

If the term “mouse acceleration” is new to you, the chances are that acceleration has been enabled on your system. Well, enabled acceleration isn’t a bad thing, but for gaming purposes – it might be unfavorable.

Enabled acceleration can affect the mouse performance. For regular browsing, and scrolling documents, acceleration will cause no problem. But when it comes to gaming, you need 100% support for that. And sadly, enabled acceleration cannot give you full control over the mouse.

Don’t worry if you are new to the concept and puzzled by what we have discussed. We recommend you turn it off to achieve reliable, and consistent results.

Here are the simple steps of turning off the mouse acceleration:

  • On the search bar of the Windows, search “mouse settings”,
  • Click on “change mouse settings”
  • Select “additional mouse options”
  • Go on the “pointer options” tab
  • Click the box of “enhance pointer precision” to uncheck
  • Select the “apply” button residing at the bottom corner
  • Tap on “okay”, and it’s done!

The mouse acceleration disabling is significant, because if you don’t do it, the game automatically syncs itself to the default sensitivity settings, bringing sensitivity problems for the gamers.

Adjusting League Sensitivity

In case you have fixed the league sensitivity via the game’s setting, then you will have to make identical adjustments for adjusting the sensitivity.

  • Select the cog option, present at the topmost corner of the screen. You may also press “ESC” to come across the options menu.
  • Select “game”, to adjust the mouse speed,
  • In case if you have forgotten was the speed, you may experiment, to know the exact value to experience perfect performance.

A Pro Gamer Secret:

Do you know, it has been noticed that pro gamers go for medium DPI instead of high DPI. This is because they use their elbows to adjust the crosshair, and use wrists for other purposes throughout the game.

However, sometimes gamers save profiles on the software. By doing so, it becomes easier for them to use different settings over different games. It depends on the mouse that you are using. A few mice in the market don’t offer onboard memory, which means the settings (i.e. sensitivity, precision, etc), can not be saved!

A Pro Gamer Secret

Perfection comes over time! If you come across a gamer, who is non-stop clicking and shooting with perfection – this means, he has been practicing it for months or even years. Muscle memory plays a key role in enhancing the gaming experience. For this reason, gamers are hesitant while shifting to new mice, even though they are mouse freaks and love to collect prestigious mouse available on the market.

We hope the above-shared advice regarding the recommended mouse sensitivity will bring a positive change in your gaming.

Do not forget to turn off your acceleration!

Drop your queries in the comment section below, and let us iron out all of them.